Monday, 23 July 2012

UFO out of the blue

UFOSuddenly, a couple of months late, summer has arrived in the southern UK. And with it a rare opportunity to view the sun and blue skies. The photo, right, was taken today. It is a small part of a street scene, notable for a tiny mysterious white object floating above, and behind, a building, the top of which you can see bottom left. It is difficult to make out what the object is, so it qualifies as a UFO!

While this tiny blob hardly screams 'unexplainable', it is nevertheless unidentifiable from the photo. It was taken with a wide angle lens setting, which makes it appear smaller than it would to the naked eye. Luckily, the UFO was spotted at the time and a second photo taken, this time zoomed in, though not by much unfortunately.

In the second photo (below right) you can just make out its distinctive 'upside-down water droplet' shape (easier to see when zoomed in). It is now quite obviously a toy balloon, as confirmed by the witness who watched the object for some time. In many cases, UFOs are (like ghosts) only spotted in photos well after the event, making it impossible to take more photos or examine the object more closely with the naked eye.

UFOIf you are out with a camera and spot something that could be taken as a UFO, ghost or any other anomaly, take a photo of it. Then take a second photo, ideally zoomed in or from a different angle , so that it is obvious what the object really is. I do this sort of thing all the time so that, when I see a similar photo somewhere else I already have a pretty good idea what it might be. If all anomaly researchers did this, it could save a huge amount of time.

Currently, much time is wasted in our field with people becoming unduly impressed by 'mysterious' photos and recordings that could be explained in seconds if there was a xenonormal gallery to compare them with. Understandably perhaps, many researchers are more interested in the unexplained than the xenonormal. However, in my opinion, this is a mistake. Much of what is currently exhibited as evidence of the paranormal is the 'unrecognized normal'. And a lot of it comes from the use of assumption-led methods. There are genuine mysteries out there to solve but too much tim

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