Monday, 22 October 2012

Autumn - a time for ghosts?

Autumn is a time of year that makes me think of ghosts! It's nothing to do with Samhain. It's more the fact that most investigations I've been on seem to have happened in autumn. Of course, that could be because the publicity surrounding Samhain prompts people to report ghosts that they wouldn't otherwise bother with. Either way, leaves falling from trees inevitably have me looking out for ghostly figures lurking! Another reason why autumn is a good time to look for ghosts is the lower light levels, not to mention fog, that encourage misperception. I suspect, though, that the main reason why I think of ghosts in autumn is simply because I tend not to think of them in summer! The sunshine, warmth and long summer days just don't seem to conducive to thoughts of apparitions!

I saw my 'door ghost' again the other day (see here to catch up). An interesting new variation was that there really WAS someone standing right behind me this time. Despite that, I still saw the 'ghost'! Interestingly, though, the real person standing behind me looked 'more real' than the ghost! It's difficult to say in what way, precisely, but it was easy to tell the difference. The real person appeared more colourful and moved more than the rather static 'ghost'. Nevertheless, the phenomenon is proving a remarkably resilient misperception.

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