Thursday, 25 October 2012

Noisy ghost!

Warning: The video linked from this blog entry could make watching paint dry appear exciting. I don't know why some people say watching paint dry is dull. Clearly they've never just finished painting an outside wall and watched, helpless, as storm clouds suddenly appear from nowhere! Anyway, I'm nominating this video for the title of dullest on the internet! See what you think! It is, by the way, important that you watch this video on a fairly large screen, otherwise you'll find it even duller than expected!

The video is all about illustrating a point I made in an earlier post. I have noticed a lot of electronic noise on videos made of dark ghost vigils. This electronic, or image, noise shows up as apparent, but non-real, movement in the shadow areas of some scenes. Sometimes, this movement has been interpreted as something paranormal. So, I thought the world needed a video to illustrate this point. Sadly, such a video was always bound to be dull. If you want to liven up your viewing experience see if, like me, you think the wood itself appears to be moving in the shots where the torch is being waved around, between the 33 to 39 second marks. Needless to say, the wood is not moving, only the torch! Incidentally, the video was shot with a high ISO, which produces more noise. If you view it on a small screen you may be wondering where all this noise is!

The lessons are obvious. When making videos of ghost vigils, use adequate lighting and a low ISO setting to avoid noise. Otherwise, not only might the resulting noise be misinterpreted as something paranormal but it could also degrade images of something truly interesting! You wouldn't want a ghost lost in noise! And most importantly, please don't load dull videos onto the internet.

PS: Looking at the projected shadow on a steamed-up window thing (see yesterday) thing again, I noticed something interesting. When the image appears on the window, the light source is usually visible directly behind, which should make explaining the effect reasonably simple. However, the effect also works if the light source is just out of sight, making it look much more mysterious.

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