Monday, 15 October 2012

Non-events of the week!

ParrotNon-event 1: I was just buzzed by a parrot! You may laugh but they are quite chunky birds! I was once menaced by a Rough-legged Buzzard - that really WAS scary!
Non-event 2: Walking past a shop recently I suddenly realised I'd seen a face in the window. I am used to misperceiving objects as faces in windows so, as I went back for a second look, I fully expected to see an advert, dummy head or some other object that could, in peripheral vision, be taken for a face. But no, for once it was actually a person, adjusting the window display!

So what's interesting about these incidents? The parrots have moved into our area in recent months having been extremely rare before that. So, if someone nearby reported hearing a mysterious squawking sound in recent weeks, it would no surprise. Before that. however, it would be more difficult to explain. The point is this - things change! So, if you are re-investigating an old paranormal case, as some people like to do, it is important to know what has changed since it happened. It could make a big difference to likely xenonormal explanations. Some might have applied then that would not today. And vice versa.

And the shop face? Well, I know I see objects as faces or figures in windows from time to time (as regularly reported in this blog). It usually turns out to be a large pot plant or item of heavy furniture! The fact that I see a human face when there really IS one present is re-assuring! So far I have only see faces in windows when there are (a) real faces there and (b) occasionally when there are other objects present that could be easily misperceived. This is exactly what you'd expect from normal perception. Unlike most people, I notice myself misperceiving but otherwise my visual perception appears to be normal. If it wasn't, it would call some of my observations recorded in this blog into question! It is a bit like checking the calibration on a scientific instrument! I guess we can count this 'revelation' as non-event of the week number 3!

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