Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Are public expectations of ghosts changing?

The BBC are currently showing a ghost story on TV, The Secret of Crickley Hall. It feels like a big television event because, to me, it seems there are far fewer ghost stories on TV compared to when I was a kid. I wonder if it might be the effect of the reality ghost hunting shows. Perhaps traditional ghost stories feel a bit old fashioned compared to EMF meters and EVP!

I've always enjoyed ghost stories. As a kid, I assumed that they were just like the real thing. So it came as a shock to find out that they were not. Despite that, I continued to enjoy a good fictional ghost story. I suppose my enjoyment has changed over time. Once I looked for a dramatic plot with lots of scary bits. Now I like to see just how far the plot differs from real life hauntings. The answer is, usually, a lot!

I do wonder if the reality ghost hunting shows will, over time, change forever the public's idea of what a haunting is like. ASSAP receives lots of photos of orbs, mists and light trails. It seems that people readily associate such photographic artefacts with ghosts and hauntings nowadays when once they might have expected nothing less than than the walking, talking ghosts of the movies. Maybe the ghost stories of the future will have ghost hunters as their heroes and be centred around vigils where definitive evidence never quite arrives. If so, then I definitely prefer the traditional version.

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