Monday, 26 November 2012

Detached ghost!

ShadowOne of the advantages of seeing the same weird phenomenon regularly is that, each time more information can be gleaned about the elusive experience. Most people see something weird maybe a handful of times in their life. In such circumstances, it can be difficult for them to remember much about the experience beyond the basic details. But my 'door ghost' or 'doppelganger' is proving more obliging, turning up pretty much whenever I've forgotten to expect it. I won't explain it again, for fear of boring regular readers. For a catch up, go here.

Anyway, the latest experience caught me by surprise, as usual. I became aware of 'someone' standing behind me where I expected no one. Quickly remembering the cause of this misperception I was careful not to 'disturb' the phenomenon so that I could observe the experience. What struck me this time was that I felt a little 'odd' until the misperception was 'broken'. It was the same 'detached' feeling I get during OBE-type experiences. I think I was in that state because I was on 'autopilot'. That's my name for the mental state you go into when you are doing something you've done hundreds of times before. Your body 'knows' exactlly what to do without you really concentrating so that your mind can drift onto something else entirely. I suppose it's a sort of altered state of consciousness, albeit not a very profound one.

Thinking back, I realised that most, if not all, my weird experiences have happened while doing some familiar routine activity, like walking around my locality.

So, I wondered if such a 'detached' mind state may allow someone to notice themselves misperceiving. Though we misperceive all the time, we rarely notice it. Indeed, some people don't seem to notice it ever! But perhaps when the conscious part of our brain becomes free enough, in its temporary 'detached' state, it can 'observe' what the unconscious is doing, including its mistakes!

It would be interesting to know what witnesses were doing just prior to experiencing something weird. I'm willing to bet it was something mundane and routine in many cases.

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