Monday, 12 November 2012

Flying shadow ghost

CrowI had that odd feeling that something was wrong but did not know what it was. It is a bit like the feeling you get when you go into a room and can't remember why. I found myself staring at a perfectly ordinary car bonnet for no reason I could fathom. Then I worked out what was wrong. I had looked at the same scene just a few seconds before and there was an obvious moving reflection in the bonnet but nothing nearby to have caused it. Looking at the bonnet, I worked out hat the only way there could have been such a moving reflection in the bonnet was if it was caused by something from above - a flying shadow ghost, maybe.

Then I looked down and noticed, not far from the car, a crow on the ground. It had certainly not been there when I saw the reflection in the car bonnet. Now it became obvious what had happened. I had seen the reflection of the crow as it descended to the ground without noticing the bird itself. This was perfectly feasible given the angles and sizes of the objects involved.

This is certainly the kind of scenario that can lead to a report of an anomaly. Someone glances at a scene, then looks away. A thought crosses their mind - they've seen something odd - but what? They look back and all is normal. Then they remember the oddity. Unlike in my case, they can see no obvious normal explanation for it! Witnesses often report that while they are viewing an anomaly, they cannot see anything wrong. It is only afterwards that they realise there was 'something wrong'!

Meanwhile, in such cases, the investigator is left in the position of a TV detective turning up at a crime scene who says 'so what have we got here then?'. They have to piece together what has happened with only the witness's account to go on. And that account might not even be accurate! When someone has a nagging feeling that they've seen 'something wrong' it could well lead to confabulation! Our brains appear to have a need to make sense of what they perceive and remember. Even if that means changing things a bit to 'fit' better!

Here in the UK we've recently been had Guy Fawkes Night, an event that seems to stretch over about a fortnight these days. If there are fireworks being let off nearby but you cannot see them, it can give rise to odd sounds that appear to have no obvious explanation. I've heard just such weird noises recently that made no sense until I realised there were fireworks being let off! Ghost investigators should beware of 'noisy ghost' reports around his time of year!

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