Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Like a scene from a ghost movie

Autumn leavesTurning round gingerly, I fully expected to see someone shuffling along slowly behind me, watching me, in the alley. Instead, I saw no one (and no animal)! BUT I could still hear the sound of someone moving! It was like a scene from a ghost movie!

This happened recently, when I was walking along the same alley where I had felt a strong sense of presence before, specifically someone walking behind me (see here for the full story). Once again I was looking for autumn cobwebs, an action that could have appeared 'odd' to a passer-by, so I did not turn round until I left the alley. Once again I had the strong sense of a 'presence' behind me. I had forgotten about my previous 'presence' experience there but soon remembered! I tried to work out WHY exactly I felt there was someone behind me and quickly realised it was a sound. It was an odd, faint, unfamiliar sound, as if someone was shuffling along.

I soon discovered the real source of the strange sound. There were large fallen leaves all over the pavement blowing around. They made a curious knocking sound, suggestive of someone walking along. There was also a 'swishing' element to the noise, which produced the 'shuffling' component.

As I had previously suspected, it was an unexplained sound that produced the feeling of a presence. I think unexplained sounds may be a common cause of a sense of a presence. If you hear something that sounds like someone moving about, but there's no one visible, it seems likely to trigger a feeling of an invisible presence. It was interesting that I only experienced this latest 'presence' after I'd forgotten about the previous incident, which is typical of misperception. I wonder if this happens where people live in haunted houses and have regular weird experiences. Are such experiences more common at times when the witnesses are not specifically expecting them?

Investigators who get cases of people feeling a presence outside in autumn and early winter should check for fallen leaves! Also, in haunting cases, it would be worth asking witnesses if they were expecting something to happen when they had each individual odd experience.

Ironic postscript: When I was followed by a REAL person in the alley, I didn't hear them! People have such quiet footwear these days, especially trainers!

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