Thursday, 20 December 2012

A loud clear voice from nowhere!

Audio spectrogramIt certainly wasn't a whisper! I heard a woman's voice perfectly, loud and clear, uttering one word. I couldn't actually remember the word, perhaps because I was so shocked. That's because I was alone in a locked building! There was no radio or TV on. Being winter, all the windows were firmly shut. Quite simply, there was no obvious reason at all why any voice should be heard! I looked around immediately, trying to find a natural cause for the voice, but could find none. I didn't recognize the voice. I could not avoid the thought that this was a ghost!

It was only by accident that I discovered the source of the voice. Before hearing the ghostly voice I had just been listening to a message on an answerphone. I hadn't bothered to pick up the phone because I heard the message through the loudspeaker. It was a short message. I quickly absorbed what was said and walked away. It was a minute or two later when I heard the crystal clear ghostly voice.

When I next walked near the answerphone, I decided to replay the last message. I don't know why I did this as I was already knew what the message was. What I heard were the words I already knew. But the message continued. There were faint rustling noises and the occasional snatch of a voice. The person who'd phoned had clearly forgotten to terminate the call. It went on for a couple of minutes. Listening from the same position where I'd heard the ghostly voice I could not hear the faint rustling background noises, only a few brief snatches of a louder human voice (not the original caller).

So mystery solved but only because I happened to replay a message which I don't normally ever bother to do in such circumstances. I thought at the time I first replayed the message 'why am I doing this?'. This could be a case of the unconscious part of my brain trying to tell the conscious part something! It's similar to when you walk into a room, stop and think 'why did I come in here?'. Your unconscious knows you need to do something in that room that the conscious part of your brain has forgotten. It can feel a bit like telepathy!

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