Friday, 21 December 2012

End of the world

I couldn't let doomsday go by without mentioning it. I made a joke about the forthcoming 'end of the world' in a shop the other day and, to my surprise, people there understood the reference. Having been around for a while, I survived numerous 'end of the world' days unscathed. Generally, these doomsday predictions are only known about by a small group of interested people. But this one, the Mayan version, seems to be very widely known indeed! I wonder why that is.

Maybe it's because, so far as I know, the Mayan's never actually said what was supposed to happen today, if anything, apart from their calendar going back to the date it was on the day they believe the world started. This appears to have allowed endless scope for interpretation by all sorts of disparate groups of people. They all seem convinced that SOMETHING big will happen today but disagree on what that might be. If it's anything like all the other predicted 'end of the world' days I've survived so far, it shouldn't hurt.

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