Friday, 28 December 2012

Injuries from nowhere

A few weeks ago I noticed my foot was hurting. It was intermittent and not too bad but mostly puzzling, because I couldn't remember ever injuring it. Close examination soon revealed a nasty bruise on one toe but no clue as to how it got there. I was then reminded of accounts I've read of rare cases where witnesses have received unexplained bruises, scratches and similar marks on their body during haunting cases (particularly poltergeists).

Then, a couple of days later, I was getting out of bed when I accidently kicked something I'd placed on the floor nearby. It really hurt! That's because I'd hit the exact spot where the existing bruise was. I put it down to a nasty coincidence. But when I repeated the very same accident the next day, suddenly an explanation for the bruise became painfully apparent. I had only recently taken to leaving the offending object on the floor near the bed and it is highly likely that I'd already hit it once or twice before and either hadn't noticed at the time or forgotten the incident quickly. Once the object was moved, I had no further trouble and my foot quickly recovered!

I'm not suggesting this as a likely explanation for unexplained bruising in haunting cases. However, it does show how bruises CAN appear without someone noticing! When we get a minor knock, it may hurt a lot at the time but the incident is usually quickly forgotten. Who remembers the precise time they last stubbed a toe?

If I'd discover this bruise while staying at a haunted location, it would have been tempting to think it was paranormally caused! There is a tendency to attribute everything that doesn't have an immediately obvious explanation to the haunting in such situations. But similar things happen all the time in non-haunted places and we don't make such assumptions then. Mundane explanations should always be sought first, whether in a haunted place or not!

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