Monday, 10 December 2012

More experiments with the ghost

NO green flash!Once again I forgot about the 'door ghost' and, needless to say, saw it again (see here if you've no idea what this is about). I remembered my idea about doing more experiments with the ghost. The problem is, if I plan experiments the memory of them stops me seeing the ghost! So I end up having to make up new experiments at the time of the sighting! What a way to do research!

Anyway, I noticed, perhaps for the first time (who knows), that the ghost appears when I have its reflection in peripheral vision. This, no doubt, assists in the misperception! Having unavoidably 'broken' the misperception by altering my gaze, I tried to reproduce it. I looked at EXACTLY the same angle where I'd seen the 'figure' behind me just seconds before. I placed my hand in the 'right' position. But the hand looked at its real distance rather than much further back. I tried for several minutes, no doubt looking a bit of an idiot to any passers-by, but nothing happened. The hand stubbornly refused to become the feet of a ghostly shadow figure!

So my efforts to 'restart' the misperception are still not working. I CAN keep the misperception going after first seeing it, provided I don't alter my position or gaze. This is despite the fact that I KNOW by then it is my own hand. So it can't be just about knowing what I'm really seeing. The rule appears to be, once the effect is broken you can't fix it! However, I'm stubborn. I'm determined to reproduce the effect to order. I have a theory about how to do it but that will have to wait until next time. If I can remember it!

The photo? I got bored with the shadow pic I've been using to illustrate this topic. Instead, it's my recent attempt to capture a green flash (see here). Conditions appeared perfect until some horizon-hugging clouds appeared to spoil things!

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