Thursday, 27 December 2012

Telling a ghost from a real person!

ShadowMost ghost witnesses I've met sat that apparitions they've seen look like perfectly ordinary people. It is only the situation (like being locked in an empty house alone) or what the apparition does (like vanish) that give away the figure as a ghost. I had a recent experience which certainly supports this view.

I saw my 'door ghost' once again. For people who are not regular readers, briefly this is a dark figure I see some times standing behind me, reflected in frosted glass. I have discovered that the apparition (a misperception) is actually caused by my own hand, which looks like some feet standing behind me!

As usual, I saw the figure only after I'd forgotten about it. However, on this occasion it turned out that there really WAS someone standing right behind me and it was them I was seeing. But here's the interesting bit - the real person looked much the same as the dark apparition! The difference was, it didn't vanish when I moved!

I have had someone standing beyond me once before (see here). On that occasion I saw the ghost IN ADDITION to the real person. This time I saw the real person AS IF it was the ghost! I said on the last occasion that the real person looked more 'real' than the ghost. This time I had the same slightly weird feeling I get when I see the ghost on its own. It was, perhaps, a case of a person appearing less 'real' as I took them, momentarily, for a ghost!

So what am I to make of this latest bizarre observation? Well, as I mentioned, it backs the idea that ghosts and real people can appear indistinguishable. But what I found really interesting was that I thought I was seeing a ghost when it was a real person! I'm pretty sure this is because I've become used to seeing ghosts in that precise situation. I suppose some kind of expectation has been set up in the unconscious part of my brain (certainly not the conscious bit as I only ever see the ghost when I forget about it). Could this ever apply in spontaneous cases? It seems unlikely as I've never come across a case where the same witness sees a ghost so often in precisely the same location.

The 'door ghost' is proving a mine of useful information about misperception as a cause of apparitions. I'm still trying to induce it appear when I want but no luck so far.

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