Friday, 21 December 2012

What do these EVPs say?

There are no end of EVP recordings to be found on the web. Most include text telling you what they are supposed to say. So, there's now a new EVP gallery on our site (here) where NO interpretation is given, for now at least, although there are general comments on the recording. New samples will be added over coming months and then interpretations will finally be added. That's where YOU come in! I'd like you to email in your own interpretations of what you hear. This is explained at the top of the gallery page, with a link to the email address to send to.

I have found that the best way to do such interpretations is to listen to each sample repeatedly until something (word or otherwise) suggests itself. If you then concentrate on that interpretation when listening again, it seems to suddenly fit much better. Indeed, other possible interpretations subsequently appear incorrect. I find that listening with eyes closed seems to help as well though I've no idea why. Maybe it's just me! I've no doubt there are many other good ways of doing this. Please send your interpretations in, however you do them. Please check the page periodically as new samples will be added whenever I get them.

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