Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Expectation and confidence= ghost?

ShadowYou may recall that I never see the 'door ghost' if I'm expecting it (see here). I've tried to 'clear my mind' while in the correct physical position but to no avail. However when, the other day, I remembered the door ghost while 'in the position', I had an unexpected feeling of confidence that I would see it anyway. And I did! As soon as I moved my hand slightly, the ghost vanished!

This is new! Never before have I remembered about the ghost and then gone on to see it. It isn't the same as when I thought I was seeing a real person but it turned out to be the ghost. Instead, this was no different to when I normally see the ghost, with no one around. I had thought, from previous experience, that this might be impossible. So how did I manage this apparent trick of a ghost on demand?

I don't honestly know, is the answer! I just had a 'feeling' that it was going to happen this time and it did! So all that 'clearing your mind' stuff was clearly the wrong way to go. It seems that I need to be strongly confident that I will see it. Well, on one occasion anyway. I don't know if it will ever work again.

I'm not sure where my unexpected confidence came from, it was just there. That probably means it came from the unconscious part of my brain which is, of course, responsible for the misperception in the first place. So it is entirely possible that it will only work when my unconscious decides it will, which is the position I've been in all along. That would put it beyond my conscious control. I will need to try again and see if I can 'will' the ghost to appear using pure confidence.

There was clearly a strong element of expectation in this sighting, of course. My confidence no doubt comes from having seen the door ghost many times before. Expectation is a strong element in many ghost sightings. You are more likely to see a ghost in a place you believe to be haunted than elsewhere. I wonder if, having seen a ghost in a particular place, you are the also more likely to see it again, thanks to expectation? This current observation suggests this may be true though I don't have any case data to test this point.

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