Monday, 28 January 2013

Paranormally attracting fame?

PersonA few years ago I was sitting on a train when I suddenly realised that a famous person, whose career I admired, was sitting just a few seats away! I felt an overwhelming desire to go over and say hello. But, just before doing that, I played out some possible scenarios in my head. I saw myself saying 'Hello, Mr. *****, I'd just like to say I greatly admire what you've done for ***** over the years.' So far so good (!), but what would the reaction be? The best possibility was that he would say a polite 'thank you', turn away and I'd go back to my seat feeling elated and slightly embarrassed. Less pleasant possibilities included him saying 'Oh thanks. Which bits in particular were you thinking of?' Regular readers will already foresee a problem here! I have a terrible memory and I'm sure I would have mentioned something he hadn't done! Or in desperation lamely muttered 'Oh, you know, all of it!'. While turning beetroot coloured! I never got up.

I was reminded of this incident the other day when I a well-known actor walked next to me. It made me realise that I probably bump into more than my fair share of famous people. And this is just in the course of every day life. I don't hang around stage doors (OK, once), the exits to conference halls or expensive restaurants. So, is there something paranormal about my apparent ability to 'attract' fame? Or is it just coincidence?

Well, thinking about it, the overwhelming majority of sightings I've had of famous people have been at railway stations or on trains! Now that can't be a coincidence. It seems that famous people, here in the UK anyway, seem quite happy to travel by public transport. They don't all go around exclusively in limousines. And I travel around on trains more than most people (or used to). So, I think the mystery is solved. It's probably nothing paranormal after all.

That still leaves the vexed question of what to do when I see someone famous. From what I've read, some celebrities welcome being recognized in the street though many are not so keen. I would only even consider approaching someone famous if it was someone I personally admired, rather than just a familiar face from the TV. But even then, after my experience with Mr. *****, I now know I won't being saying hello. So, Gillian Anderson, if you're travelling on a train you don't need to worry about me saying hello. I can't speak for anyone else, though.

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