Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow rods

Snow rodsAt first sight, this photo (right) shows a couple of teasels. On closer inspection (and depending on your screen) you may be able to also make out a lot of diagonal short white lines in the background. They look just like flying rods! So is it a swarm of insects? The snow on the teasels suggests this is unlikely, though certainly not impossible.

The rods are, in fact, tiny falling snow flakes. Unlike snow orbs (see here) no flash was used. And the shutter speed (1/250s) was fast for an insect flying rod photo.

But surely, you may say, anyone taking this photo would know it was snow. However, the very light falling snow was barely noticed at the time of exposure. So, someone looking at the photo some time after the event might easily take these objects for flying rods. The 'rods' do not have appendages but, then, nor do all insect rods. So we have a new type of flying rod - the snow rod! I'm sure that, if someone has not already photographed falling snow and seen 'rods', they will soon!

PS: Further to yesterday's claim that snow cover should encourage misperception, my 'door ghost' has become particularly realistic with the snow! Indeed, I was startled by it, thinking for a couple of seconds that there really WAS an unknown person directly behind me.

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