Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Speakers at Seriously Strange

Seriously StrangeWhile some of the speakers at this year's Seriously Strange conference have already been announced, now there is a full list available. It is an intriguingly diverse roll of anomaly researchers. One can imagine some fascinating conversations going on in the green room!

Anyway, here's the list: Guy Lyon Playfair, Lembit Opik, Prof Chris French, Stephen Volk, Sacha Claire Christie, Richard Freeman, Lionel Fanthorpe, David Farrant, Hayley Stevens, Paul Vella, Jack Hunter, Trystan Swale, Steve Parsons, Dr Hannah Gilbert, Dr Hugh Pincott, CJ Romer, Cal Cooper, John Fraser. For more details on speakers go here. Many of the speakers also have their own websites and / or blogs! And there are still MORE speakers to be added to the list! And, as if the talks weren't enough of an attraction, there is the setting - the beautiful city of Bath.

The conference takes place at the University of Bath on the weekend of Sat/Sun 7-8 September 2013. If follows on from a similar, popular conference held to celebrate ASSAP's thirtieth anniversary two years ago at the same venue. There was a similarly diverse range of speakers then and it was well received. For more information on the conference, go here. Or to book straight away, at early bird discounted rates, just click on the picture!

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