Sunday, 28 April 2013

The door ghost moves!

ShadowI've seen the 'door ghost' moving! Up to now it has always been a slightly menacing, shadowy figure apparently standing just behind me. But at least it never moved! For those for which this makes no sense, go here first.

So what is the significance of a moving door ghost, beyond it being slightly scary? Well, usually any movement has always 'broken' the misperception so that the ghost instantly disappeared. But on one recent occasion, it didn't. Instead, it looked as though the ghostly figure was itself moving! It is, of course, perfectly possible to have moving misperceptions. However, if movement normally 'breaks' a particularly misperception, it is very odd that suddenly it doesn't, if nothing else has changed. So what's going on?

I have noticed something else about the door ghost recently. It has become 'stronger'. By that I mean that it appears more frequently than it used to, and in less obviously perfect conditions. It's apparent new ability to 'survive' movement may be part of that pattern of 'strengthening'.

Not having any other 'pet' misperceptions that I see habitually, I've no idea whether this strengthening over time is 'normal' or not. But let's suppose it is, for the sake of argument. That might mean that a witness who saw a ghost regularly might actually see it better, and for longer, on each occasion. It might also mean that the witness who has seen the ghost the most times will see it better than anyone else in a multiple witness sighting. I can't think of any examples of that from reports but if anyone knows of such a case, I'd love to know about it.

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