Monday, 22 April 2013

When time goes missing

Some people will tell you that you can't research missing time experiences while watching TV. Until recently I was one of them.

It happened to me while I was watching a detective show (most things I watch on TV seem to be about detectives these days). Anyway, I noticed an odd gap in the plot. One minute the investigation was going along nicely, though clearly nowhere near a conclusion, the next the case was all wrapped up! Of course plots are not always unfolded linearly but this one made no sense at all. A huge chunk seemed to be missing!

Luckily I was watching a recording. A quick rewind confirmed what I suspected, that I'd missed a significant chunk of the programme. OK, I'd fallen asleep, nothing mysterious there. BUT, here's the weird bit. Normally, when I wake up there are one or two seconds where the world is a bit fuzzy. It's enough to tell me straight away that I'm waking up. But not this time! The story passed seamlessly from one scene to the next without a hint of interruption. No feeling of falling asleep, nor any of waking again or even any drowsiness. Indeed, it was only many seconds later, when I realised the plot no longer made any sense, that I realised the story had 'skipped', the word I used to describe it at the time.

I do not recall ever having this kind of 'skipping' experience before. As I said, I am normally only too well aware of waking up. On this occasion, my brain somehow managed to 'stitch together' what I was experiencing immediately before I went to sleep with what came after. It was truly an experience of 'missing time', so that the a couple of minutes I was conscious of was actually more like 15! And just to confirm that all this happened as I say, I had a witness nearby who saw me go to sleep and wake again! So I know I was not transported temporarily to a parallel universe or onto a UFO. I just sat there asleep! There were incidentally, no other symptoms during my 'experience' and I don't recall dreaming.

I would not suggest that the many of reported missing time experiences occurred in this way. But clearly it is one possibile cause to consider. I've never come across this sort of 'time skipping' experience before. I wonder how common it is. If anyone else has experienced anything similar, where they've been asleep but NOT noticed because 'reality just continued normally', I'd be interested to hear from them.

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  1. The thing to remember is that when it's because of Alien interaction there are other things happening in the events surrounding the missing time. So it's not so much just the missing time or even another experience of waking up paralyzed. It's other things that have happened around the event to set it off in the persons mind as 'something strange just happened'. (too numerous to post here)