Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Giving a ghost gloves does not prove useful!

ShadowThere are so many experiments I COULD do with the 'door ghost' (door what?), it's hard to know where to start. So, naturally, I thought of giving the ghost gloves. Well a transparent plastic bag, to be precise. I placed this on my hand, the part of my body that, when misperceived, forms the mysterious shadow ghost apparently standing behind me.

Recently the door ghost has been getting 'stronger'. By that I mean it appears now in circumstances where once it would not have. I can, for instance, 'will' the ghost to appear and it usually does. OK, it's not really 'willing'. Rather, I stand in the correct position, looking the right way, close my eyes and clear my mind. Then I open my eyes and, usually, the ghost will be there. When I tried this months ago it never worked. In reality, the ghost is not getting 'stronger' so much as my brain is getting better at spotting misperceptions.

Indeed, I now spot misperceptions in every day life regularly. Only a few could be interpreted as ghosts, namely the ones that resemble human figures. But quite often I will see, momentarily, things that quite simply are not physically present. They are usually things that could easily, or plausibly, be really present but just don't happen to be so. For instance, regular readers will know I am a keen birder. So, I often see a 'bird' perched on a tree, bush or roof, only for it to turn out to be a dark bit of vegetation. The vegetation will be physically behind the 'perch', and of a size and shape that gives an impression it is a bird. It is always a big disappointment when I discover this!

Anyway, back to giving the door ghost a plastic glove. I had no theory as to what effect it might have, I just thought I'd have a go. Disappointingly, it meant the ghost simply would not appear, no matter how hard I tried. My first theory to explain this was that the plastic bag gave my hand a more jagged outline, making it look less like a foot. However, on examining the hand it didn't look so different to normal. Instead, I now believe it was actually because the plastic bag reflected more light from the sky than my hand, giving it a lighter look. This destroyed the hand silhouette which, in turn, got rid of the shadow ghost. Even my improved ability to spot misperceptions has its limits.

If I didn't know I was misperceiving, my 'ability' to see things that aren't really there could easily be taken for a psychic faculty. If I DID think I was psychic, it would appear that the facility was improving over time! I wonder if this happens to others who think they are psychic when, in fact, they are really noticing misperception? I also wonder just how far my ability to notice misperception will go!

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