Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Mystery anomalous photo

Dummy letterHere's an experiment for you to try. I want you to analyze this anomalous photo (right) and tell me what you think the obvious anomaly actually is and why it appears the way it does in this picture. Please email here with your replies.

It's just a bit of fun so there are no prizes, I'm afraid. There is a serious point to it, however. With the vast majority of anomalous photos, the exact method by which the photo was produced is usually unknown. However, it is usually possible to deduce how the photo came about by a careful examination of the photo and a little knowledge of photography. It will be interesting to see what people can deduce purely by examining the photo with no other information. Don't worry if you know nothing about photography, I am happy to receive inspired guesses!

Incidentally, I am referring to the obvious anomaly in the top left corner of the photo. There is a slightly light triangular area going down the centre of the letter. However, this is just where the paper letter was folded prior to being photographed so it isn't a mystery.

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