Friday, 1 November 2013

Hair raising bush disturbance

Night foxI've bemoaned before the lack of 'Hollywood moments' in real life paranormal research. Where are the vaporous talking apparitions you can discuss metaphysics with, for instance? But I have experienced one or two moments that certainly had horror movie shock value.

There was, for instance, one dark evening when I was walking along a deserted alleyway. As I am very familiar with location in daylight, I didn't feel any anxiety in traversing it at night. But there was a loud sound of movement in the bushes just ahead of me that evening that literally made my hair stand on end. I walked towards the bush. It continued to move noisily without any obvious cause. Then the disturbance moved to another nearby bush. Baffled, I stood still, determined to find out what the cause was, whether paranormal or not. Then a dark shape broke cover and ran straight at me, giving me another Hollywood moment!

Readers will no doubt be unsurprised, given the photo, that what I saw was a fox running close past me at speed. It seemed that I had inadvertently come between the animal and its only means of escape from the bushes, so it had to run past me get away. There will be occasions, of course, where the witness to such an incident will not recognise, or even see, the animal responsible for a strange disturbance in vegetation.

I took the night photo here (above) recently. The fox was sitting right out in the open next to a street. There were people passing nearby but none appeared to acknowledge its presence and I doubt they noticed it. Had it been daylight the animal would have been obvious but in street light only, it was able to sit, apparently unconcerned, close to passing late night pedestrians.

The thing to remember about wild animals is that, even though you may not notice them, they will certainly notice you. The fox in the photo would have run away instantly if any passing pedestrian had shown any interest in it. I know because I've done just that. I'm sure some reports of ghostly activity, or other anomalous phenomena, can be traced to unnoticed wildlife activity.

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