Tuesday, 31 December 2013

On finding a light in the sky

UFO light in the skyMany UFO reports could be fairly summarized as someone seeing a light in the sky. So when I saw just such a light recently, I took a photo of it (right). It really did look just as it does in the picture. It was late afternoon and just starting to get dark. This eerie light was NOT the moon, nor was it the sun shining through clouds.

It looked like this for about a minute. I know that because I took several photos of the object and that's how long it took before I got a shot which made it obvious what the UFO actually was. The light drifted silently and slowly across the sky during that period. Though I wasn't deliberately looking for odd things to take photos of, I'm always on the look out for them. And they can be surprisingly easy to find if you stay alert to the possibility. I'm sure that if more people looked out for such things, and watched them long enough to discover their true identity, there would be fewer reports of anomalies.

Silence is one of the factors almost always mentioned in UFO reports. Presumably that's because if an aerial object sounded like a plane or helicopter, its identity would be obvious to the observer, so they wouldn't report it. However, when ordinary aircraft are in the distance, they can be too far away for their engines to be heard. Also, many natural objects that traverse the sky make no sound when they move, like balloons, satellites or meteors, for instance. So silence, so commonly reported for UFOs, is not in any way a reliable indicator of a something extraordinary.

UFO light planeHere is a photo of the same object, taken 1 minute and 14s after the one above. It uses a lot more zoom than the first image. It is an aircraft coming in to land at a nearby airport. Because it was flying towards me, all I saw at first was one silent bright light near the horizon. It gradually got brighter as it approached and eventually I could hear the engines and see the aircraft itself.

Although I knew what the light was all the time, others not so familiar with how aircraft behave near airports might not (as I've discussed previously here). It certainly looked genuinely mysterious at the time - a bright white light silently floating through a twilight sky. Had I not known what it was, I'm sure my first thought would have been UFO!

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