Friday, 6 December 2013

Why did I look away from the ghostly hand?

Rock concertI glanced around and noticed a huge ghostly white glowing hand hovering above the rock concert audience. Strangely, I then looked away! Belatedly realizing I'd seen something truly weird, I quickly looked back but it had gone.

I have reported before how I once saw a ghost on stage at a rock concert. This, much more recent sighting, was in a similar situation. I was at the back of an audience in a darkened room at a concert with only the stage illuminated strongly. Unlike on the previous occasion, I had the presence of mind this time to try to analyze what I'd just seen at the time.

Firstly, looking again, I concluded that the 'hand' was almost certainly on the wall, rather than hovering over the audience. Secondly, I only saw the hand in one short glance, making it likely to be a 'glance misperception' of some kind. It may have been a deliberate lighting effect but, since it only happened once, I suspect not. That the 'hand' was white was interesting (and the same as in the incident linked above) given that most lighting at the concert was every colour except white! This suggests that it may have been a reflection of the white spotlight used to illuminate the artist on stage. Regular concert goers will be familiar with the experience of being momentarily dazzled by reflections off guitars! Maybe this was one, playing on the wall.

But why did I only glance at this extraordinary thing, whose cause was far from immediately obvious, and then look away? I've heard this sort of thing before in reports of anomalous phenomena. It can take a second or two for someone to register the fact that they've just seen something truly weird. And by then, it may well have gone, as in this case. Had the sight been alarming, rather than simply bizarre, I'm sure I would not have taken my eyes off it. So maybe that is why some witnesses continue to gaze at something weird while others don't. It may all come down to whether the object is perceived as any kind of threat.

It is, perhaps, unsurprising that we see odd things in darkened rooms filled with unusual lighting, typical of rock concerts. Most people probably dismiss anything odd they see in such situations as a deliberate lighting effect, given that they are watching a performance ('just part of the show'). If a ghost wanted to walk unnoticed through a crowd of people, a rock concert would be the perfect place to do so.

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