Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A white floating thing!

Night foxI admit that I often have at least some idea of what I'm looking at when I see something a bit weird. But the white object floating along the pavement of a dark street the other night really had me utterly baffled! My best guess was some kind of animal. Somebody else might easily have considered some kind of ghost. Personally, I'm not convinced white ghosts actually exist. Like transparent ghosts, they are widely portrayed in movies but seldom, if ever, actually encountered in real life cases.

I had to wait until the floating white thing moved under a street light to see what it actually was. It turned out to be someone dressed in very dark clothing carrying a white bag! Yes, the clothing was so dark and the lighting so poor, I completely failed to register the person carrying the white bag, so that it appeared to float along unaided.

In my defence, I only saw the object for a few seconds before the street light revealed all. Also, I was concentrating on the white object itself, which might be why I failed to notice anything else. In addition, I was watching for foxes (like the one in the photo), so that probably affected what I was expecting to see. Interestingly, I did not misperceive the bag as anything else, I just saw a weird unidentifiable white object. I have noted in many paranormal reports that witnesses generally concentrate entirely on the weird object itself and cannot recall much else about the scene.

In many ghost cases an object, like a bush, is misperceived as a human figure. This, then, was almost the opposite - a person present who was not seen. I doubt this sort of thing happens very often but, when it does, it could produce some spectacular reports. What if, in the current incident, the person with the bag had never moved close enough to a street light to be seen properly. I would be left with a seemingly inexplicable white object floating along a dark street. If I was investigating such a report from someone else, I admit I would find it baffling. One clue would have been that the object was following the pavement, just as a person walking would move. I would probably try to reproduce the scenario with the same illumination conditions. That would, at least, show what kind of details were visible and invisible in such conditions. I admit, though, it might well remain unresolved.

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