Thursday, 16 January 2014

Always looking out for weird stuff

Orbs in reedsI am always on the lookout for weird stuff, as regular readers will no doubt have noticed. The main principle of xenonormal studies is to reproduce phenomena that have been reported as anomalous using only the natural environmental conditions of the original situation. However, I've discovered, quite by chance, some previously unreported (as far as I can determine) odd but natural things only for them to subsequently to get reported as anomalous. Unfortunately, I can't give examples here as it would breach confidentiality, which is very frustrating. However, it is very satisfying to receive an anomalous photo, for instance, and show the sender a photo I took myself showing exactly the same thing, together with its explanation. And these are photographs that would, just months before, have been a complete mystery to me.

So, here (right) is my latest contribution to the weird photo genre. The photo shows backlit reed heads. If you look carefully you'll see coloured orbs in the background reed head, which is out of focus. Since orbs are out of focus highlights, this isn't too surprising. But why are they coloured?

But here's the really interesting bit, which I've never seen before (though if anyone else has, please let me know). If you look on the right hand side of the photo about half way up, you'll see an unexpected greenish area on the foreground reed head, which is IN focus. There are also a few other, less obvious, greenish patches throughout the foreground reed. These surprising colours only occur on the reeds, nowhere else in the photo. I do not remember seeing these greenish colours at the time with the naked eye, though my memory isn't great. In addition, however, I also have other photos of the same reeds, taken at the same time, which do not show any unusual greenish colours.

All these clues tend to point towards lens flare being the cause of the greenish colours, both in the foreground reed and (out of focus) background one. Though I doubt anyone would report this as anomalous, it gives a clue to how some orbs may get brightly coloured in similar situations. This sort of thing shows how it is always worthwhile looking out for scenarios in everyday life that could, in other circumstances or to other people, appear anomalous.

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