Friday, 7 February 2014

Noticing the stuff we usually ignore

UFO lightIf, like me, you tend to notice the minutiae of everyday life, you'll sometimes observe situations that could easily give rise to reports of the paranormal. Most people tend to pay little attention to such trivial details, unsurprisingly as they have busy lives. So when they DO notice these things, it can catch them by surprise. It is my opinion, based on extensive experience, that this is probably an important principle behind the generation of paranormal reports - namely people occasionally noticing things they usually ignore.

Here are some recent examples of my own. There are many more documented in this blog over the years.

Recently I was on a bus, passing a familiar stall in the street. I noticed the stall appeared to have a new striped awning. As I watched, the 'awning' vanished! I realised it was a reflection in the glass of the bus window. If you look out of a bus window you will often see reflections like this. However, most are obviously reflections and do appear to be not part of the outside scene through the window. This one appeared to be part of the external scene because it just happened to fit in terms of size, angle, position, opacity and so on. Against almost any other scene I'd have just seen it as a reflection. As with other misperceptions, it worked because it fitted the scene. For instance, the objects I've misperceived as human figures (or ghosts) always appeared to be in positions where someone might reasonably stand, such as on a path or at a window. I've never seen a ghostly figure in a position where a person would not be expected, like floating above the ground perhaps.

Recently I saw a single bright light moving slowly and silently across the sky. Though I thought it must be a plane, that appeared highly unlikely because it was full daylight. It looked like the one in the photo (above right) except that it was broad daylight! In my experience, aircraft don't usually display lights in such conditions. It appeared to be approaching so I waited to see if I could get a better view. It WAS an aircraft! Why it had a light on in full daylight I've no idea. But this shows that these things CAN happen and the possibility of a plane should not be ruled out with daylight 'light in the sky' UFOs.

I have previously mentioned how the crows at a railway station I frequent have started to behave more like street pigeons. Crows are usually quite wary and avoid close human contact. But the ones in this area are different. I've grown used to seeing them quite close up. However, recently, at the same location, I was startled by an unexpected sudden movement at a waste paper bin by the path I was walking along. There was a crow perched on the bin, so close I could literally have reached out and touched it. And the bird did not even fly off instantly. Instead, it stared at me for a second or two before flying off a metre or so. I've never been anywhere near that close to a wild crow before and I speak as a keen birder! The lesson for anomaly researchers? Nature will always surprise you!

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