Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ghost train

Seriously Strange LondonMany years ago ASSAP held regular meetings in a pub in London. Now, producing a bit of deja vu, ASSAP is starting a new set of monthly talks in a pub in London. The original London meetings, started in 1993, were informal social gatherings with no agenda or speaker. The new meetings have a speaker, providing a focal point that the earlier version lacked. See here for details.

Meanwhile my acquaintance (MA) with MWR (microsleep with REM) experiences had a most bizarre train journey recently. MA had repeated MWRs over a short period of time. What was unusual was that each such episode consisted of a completely different 'narrative' (events depicted in the dream state) despite some of the episodes being just seconds apart. Although some narratives concerned events entirely unrelated to MA's position on the train, others involved things seen while on the journey. It is possible that someone who experiences MWRs, which are rare and generally associated with sleep disorders, who is unaware of what they are, might interpret such incidents as paranormal.

The MWR episodes relating to scenes on MA's journey bordered on hypnagogia, in that visual elements of real scenes were mixed with objects obviously generated by a dream state. Though no figures resembling ghosts or aliens were observed, MA has seen ghostly figures on previous train journeys. There appears to be something about the motion of trains, and perhaps enforced sitting still, that seems to encourage these episodes. They may well happen on long car or bus journeys too but MA hasn't reported this.

Though the experiences involving scenery from the journey might be seen by some as paranormal, wouldn't the other, more obvious dream ones, give the game away? Well, I've noticed that witnesses often remember the bits of their experiences that appear to support a paranormal interpretation, while forgetting the other stuff. I have often thought that if only witnesses remembered EVERYTHING that happened during a weird experience, including the seemingly trivial and/or irrelevant, many such incidents would readily appear xenonormal.

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