Tuesday, 25 March 2014

UFO with an unusual shape

UFO lapwingI spend a lot of time deleting the photos I've taken that went wrong! I was about to delete this photo (right) when I noticed it appeared to contain a striking UFO. Better than saucers or triangles, this one is a truly weird! It could be planetary landing shuttle descending from an orbiting mother ship.

I don't think this particular object would appear much like a space craft to anyone who actually saw it with the naked eye. However, if it was discovered on a photo, without being noticed at the time of exposure, it might. Just. In fact, practically every anomalous photo I come across these days involves something unnoticed at the time of exposure. And the very few exceptions mostly involve objects that look quite different in the photo to how they appeared with the naked eye.

LapwingWhen there is something that is first noticed only when photos are reviewed, photographic artefacts are always a strong possible explanation. As it happens, this particular UFO is not an artefact at all. The object looked the same both in the photo and to the naked eye at the time of exposure. It gets its unusual shape from the angle it was taken. The UFO is a bird, a Lapwing in fact. Here is another shot (right), taken 90 seconds earlier, showing the same species in flight from the side.

Though the Lapwing's wing really is quite an unusual shape, it is not quite as odd-looking as it appears in the upper photo. It is the angle of view that gives it an unusual appearance. You get a better idea of what the wings are really like from the lower photo.

So, would anyone really report a bird as a UFO? Well, I've seen some photos of UFOs that suggest that, yes, they would! If the bird is not easily recognisable as such it could certainly appear as a mysterious unidentified flying object in a photo.

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