Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Weird blurry 'blob' in a tree!

Branch out of focusHere's a blurry 'blob' I photographed recently (pic right). What I found interesting about it, anomalous even, was that it was behind some bare branches or twigs. Therefore, it could not be out of focus - it really WAS a strange, blurry thing! These sort of blurry things are seen in horror movies from time to time but are seldom, if ever, reported in real life paranormal cases. So what could this one possibly be?

A clue is that the twigs in front of the blurry 'thing' are also slightly obscured by it. Could the 'thing' be wrapped around the twigs in some way, perhaps? As a blurry thing probably isn't very solid, it could perhaps behave like smoke and surround the branches, so being both in front of, and behind, them. If this all sounds like wild speculation that's because it is. But I've come across much weirder speculation in our field down the years!

Branch in focusHere's a second photo of the same location (pic right), taken 2s later, but with the blurry 'thing' now in focus. The 'thing' is revealed to be a twig with lots of small moribund leaves clinging to it. The twigs that appeared to be at least partially in front of the 'thing' are now out of focus and clearly all behind it. So why did they appear to be in front? It's because when objects get blurred they become partially transparent. So you can see the twigs THROUGH the blurry thing. And because the twigs are sharply in focus, they give the appearance of being in front of the 'thing'. You get a similar affect when orbs, which are also out of focus, appear to be behind things when they are really in front (see here and here).

It is impossible to get a photo where there is a foreground object in focus, one behind it that is out of focus and the background in focus again. So if the 'thing' really WAS physicallly behind the twigs in the upper photo, it would have to be genuinely blurry in appearance, both to the camera and the naked eye. That is why I thought the photo looked intriguing when I first saw it. Note, also, the white blob floating off the bottom end of the 'thing' in the lower photo. It is a backlit insect! This could easily get reported as an anomaly too!

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