Saturday, 26 April 2014

Odd UFO photo

Swan UFOMany UFOs nowadays are spotted in photos having not been noticed at the time of exposure. That is, of course, a scenario typical of ghost photos. The photo here (right) could be just such an example. There is something odd in the sky with a unlikely shape for flying.

The first problem with any such photo is trying to work our how far the object is away and, therefore, just how big it is. If the object is actually close to the camera, it might be quite small. If so, it might be falling rather than flying and thus it there would be no reasion why it should have an aerodynamic shape. A seed pod, for instance.

If the object is distant then it might be something like a light plane or glider. From certain angles such an aircraft might appear just as this object does. Anyone seeing such an aircraft flying would be in little doubt what it really was, but still photos may catch objects in an instant when they are less readily identifiable.

Swan UFOIn reality, the object was photographed deliberately so its identity was known at the time of exposure. But it still looked odd when the photo was examined later. It is, of course, a swan (see zoomed version of the object right). One wing is not visible because it is directly pointing towards the camera which is what makes the bird look odd. In the non-zoomed photo above, the object could be a light aircraft flying towards the left, with its wings near the nose.

Unfortunately many anomalous photos have a low resolution so that when zoomed, the object just looks blurry and remains a mystery.

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