Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The man with no face - the sequel!

Crows in a treeA few days ago I saw a man with no face (see here for the story). Then, just days later, I saw a girl with no face. Synchronicity or bizarre coincidence?

The girl with no face was on TV, in an episode (named Nocturne) of ITV's detective drama Endeavour. The girl is in a painting and appears around 37 mins into the episode. As I mentioned when I described the man with no face, I've only ever seen, as far as I can remember, one such an image once before, in an episode of Dr Who. Naturally, I've never seen such a thing in real life. So, for the second ever time I've seen such an image to occur just days after my 'no face man' incident is amazing. It was made even stranger by the fact that, unusually, ghosts feature heavily in this particular episode of Endeavour.

If this had been a premonition, it would have been difficult to dispute. I blogged about the 'no face man' incident BEFORE the TV programme was even broadcast and, since I don't work in the media, I could not have reasonably known about its contents in advance.

So, is this an example of a meaningful coincidence? Such coincidences have no obvious causal relationship but appear connected through their meaning to the witness involved. By that definition, this probably IS a meaningful coincidence. Some people view meaningful coincidences as paranormal. It is, however, difficult to differentiate between a rare, but entirely natural, coincidence and something paranormal. The usual test used in parapsychology is to see if the same effect happens repeatedly. If I continue to have strange coincidences, particularly if they appear to be conveying some kind of overall message, then they could be seen as paranormal. If it's just an apparently meaningless once-off incident then there is no obvious reason to label it as paranormal. Still weird though!

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