Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The rarest type of ghost

Crows in a treeWell that's not a misperception, I thought! Walking along a street recently I saw a human figure disappear around the corner of an industrial building. Nothing odd there, except that I'm absolutely sure it hadn't been there just a second before. I looked at the corner closely but there was nothing there that I could have misperceived as a human figure. I quickly moved along the street to a position where I could see around the corner. I expected, or at least hoped, to see no one! Maybe this time it really was that rarest and most enigmatic type of ghosts - the paranormal one!

So I was disappointed to see a man with a machine just round the corner. Worse, he looked like the mysterious figure I'd just seen. So, how come I'd not seen him before he walked round the corner? There is an entirely plausible reason, of course. The man may have come round the corner from where he was working, changed his mind for some reason and returned to his machine. People do not always behave predictably, to other people at least. The man probably had a perfectly sound reason to turn back suddenly. It would certainly explain how he was just there and then gone again.

People are, of course, one of the most frequent causes of ghost sightings. They are often dismissed as likely explanations because they do things that witnesses don't expect. But if you ever just watch people for a while, they will sometimes do things you don't expect. Life would be dull if they didn't!

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