Friday, 30 May 2014

Single witness UFOs over built-up areas

UFOWaiting for a bus recently, I noticed something strange in the sky. It was dark, silent, flying slowly and appeared to be only just above the height of nearby tall buildings. I took it to be a helicopter, given its shape, speed and altitude. Oddly, no one else around me on the bustling street appeared to even notice the very obvious UFO.

I have always found it interesting that large, obvious UFOs can appear over built-up areas but only get reported by a single witness. It has always seemed bizarre to me but here it was happening right in front of me. I looked all around but no one was looking up apart from me! People, it seems, just don't look up that much! I guess there is too much interesting stuff going on at ground level.

Anyway, I looked back up at the UFO and noticed it had changed shape. In reality, it was a silhouette and only looked different because it had rotated a bit since I last saw it. I now realised that it was actually a mylar balloon. It displayed four long appendages - legs perhaps. I got the impression that it might be a balloon in the shape of a cow!

The balloon floated behind one of the tall buildings but never emerged on the other side. I assume it must have got stuck on the building! I guess it could have been reported as a black, silent, shape-shifting UFO that suddenly vanished. And I can now see how easy it is for a UFO to be reported by just one person, despite being obviously visible over a built-up area. The UFO in the photo changed shape as well - see here.

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