Thursday, 5 June 2014

Blurry flying object

BlobHere's a strange photo to contemplate. It shows some sort of blurry object, grey overall but with hints of other colours. Behind it there is a green background with white specks. It might just be a UFO against coloured clouds but the ripples in the background suggest water. The object does not appear to be in contact with the water.

The white specks are clearly behind the blurry object and appear to be floating on the water. It is difficult to decide what this object might be as there is no easy way of judging scale. The photo is heavily cropped. Anomalous photos are sometimes cropped in this way to direct the attention of the viewer solely towards the anomaly.

Blob with duckHere is a larger crop of the same picture. The duck floating on the water gives some clue to the scale of the blurry object, which is clearly not large. In fact, it is known to be a Swallow, flying low and fast over the water. The colours are wrong because they are motion-blurred. The white specs are probably down feathers as there were a lot of young birds around at the time of exposure.

Even when anomalous photos are not cropped, viewers' attention is often directed to the anomaly, either verbally or by a helpful ring drawn ring around it. Either way, it is always important to consider the whole of the photo when analyzing such photos. In fact, there may be things completely outside the frame of the photo that are also important in interpreting it. These might be shown in other photos taken at the same time or they may be visible to someone visiting the site later. It may be counter-intuitive but concentrating solely on the anomaly in a photo can be unhelpful in deciding what it really is.

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