Thursday, 12 June 2014

White alien?

White ghostI wasn't sure exactly what I'd seen, at first, but it certainly caught my attention. I could best describe it as a diminutive white figure with a strangely elongated head behind some tall grass. I didn't get the impression that it was a real human figure (or ghost) of the type I sometimes misperceive. It definitely looked odd!

I took photos of the 'figure' - there is one here (right). The impression of a diminutive figure only lasted for a second or two until I got a better look. I would have had trouble describing the 'figure' from that brief view, apart from saying it was strange!

A careful inspection revealed the 'figure' to be a plant of some sort. I'm not sure what type as I was not able to approach it any more closely. Had I only noticed this object for the first time when I looked at the photo, I'm not sure what I would have made of it. Someone else taking the same photo might have seen it as a white alien or diminutive ghost!

Many photographic anomalies are only noticed when the picture is examined after the event. So I try to do it the other way round. Whenever I have a camera handy, I deliberately look around for anything that might look odd. Then I take its photo, despite knowing exactly what it really is. If others did that I suspect there would be rather fewer anomalous photos reported.

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