Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ghostly whispers

White noiseI looked around, startled, trying to find the source of the loud strange noise. I soon found it! It seems I had inadvertently disturbed an electronic device. I switched it off. I was near an open window and realised that the sound must have been easily audible outside in the street.

Sure enough, a passer-by stopped and looked around enquiringly. I am 99% sure the man had heard the odd noise and was trying to locate its source. I only found the source because it was near me and I was the one who had set it off. The man in the street stood absolutely no chance of correctly identifying where the sound originated.

The incident made me realise how easy it is to be wrong about the source of a noise. Odd noises are the most commonly reported symptoms of hauntings. And once a noise is misidentified, later witnesses will be biassed towards hearing the same noise wrongly. I remember a haunting I investigated where a sound of whispering was reported at a particular location. So I was incredibly excited when I, too, heard the ghostly whispering at the same place. However, after a while I realised it was actually the sound of water flowing through a pipe! If no one had ever reported it as whispering I think I would have identified it correctly straight away. And I'm sure other people going to the same location probably still hear 'ghostly whispering' to this day!

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