Monday, 28 July 2014

Teleportation-type experience

Crows in a treeMy acquaintance (MA) who has microsleep with REM (MWR) has experienced something new. MA was on public transport (regular readers will notice a pattern here) and experienced a typical short MWR. After briefly waking up again, MA then experienced a second short MWR. There is nothing unusual about that except for this - the dream 'plot' in the second MWR was a direct continuation of the first episode a few seconds before. It was the same scene, same 'characters' but the 'plot' had moved on to what you would expect following the earlier episode.

It was, then, a continuation dream. MA can't recall details of the dreams but they were completely different to MA's surroundings. They are, therefore, unlikely to be a form of hypnagogia. Once the second dream sequence ended, MA remained awake, surprised by the experience, and there were no further episodes.

A brief search of the web shows that a few people have had dream continuations before but usually only deliberately using lucid dream techniques. The very fact that there are so few references to this phenomenon suggests that it is a rare, particularly when happening spontaneously. It was definitely not a recurring dream, which is quite common, but a continuation of the previous one.

How could a dream continue in this way? I suspect that the short gap, only seconds, between the two episodes is the key here. Dream recall is difficult because a dream is held in short term memory when we wake. That short term memory is quickly filled with new perceptual information as we see events around us. But suppose the dreamer resumes sleeping before the dream memory has been completely displaced from short term memory? The dream may still be 'loaded' in memory to be continued. This sort of thing that is only likely to happen to someone with MWR, who can start dreaming instantly on falling asleep, which would explain its rarity.

Now suppose this experience happened to someone who experiences MWR but who is unaware of its natural cause. The bit in the middle, where the witness is temporarily back where they started, would actually serve to reinforce the idea that the dream experiences on either side were real. After all, dreams don't normally continue, do they? It could feel like the witness was being dragged between two alternate realities. It would be easy to see this as the effect of alien technology - being teleported between two different locations. Another possible interpretation might be a time slip.

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