Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Unusual yellow orb

Daylight water orbI've been trying to think of a good excuse for putting up this photo of orbs (right). But I don't think I need one! Many paranormal researchers now see orbs as not paranormal but that doesn't mean we should stop studying them. This is part of the general point I raised recently (here) concerning the xenonormal.

Daylight orbs, like these, are rare. Most orbs are produced by flash in low light conditions. The light source here was, of course, the sun. So what is causing these orbs? It turns out to be water droplets from a water sprinkler.

Falling water, like rain, tends to produce tailed orbs, rather than the regular round ones (see here). So why don't these orbs have tails? I think it's because the camera is looking steeply downwards at the water droplets. Though the droplets are falling rapidly, that vertical motion isn't obviously visible from above, so no tail.

So why is one of the orbs so obviously yellow? The objects that usually cause orbs, like dust or water droplets, are not colourful, so they get their colour from their light source. I think the white orb is being illuminated directly by the sun. The yellow orb, however, is in a shaded area and I think is getting its light reflected off surfaces around it and through the trees producing the shade. For a general explanation of orbs see here. For an extensive FAQ about them, see here.

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