Monday, 18 August 2014

The sound of ghostly wings

Crows in a treeThe sound made me instantly stop what I was doing. It sounded like the flutter of extremely light wings. It lasted for a second or two and then there was only silence. It was quite loud so clearly came from somewhere close nearby. And yet a thorough search of the room I was in revealed no possible cause. I decided it was probably either a huge insect, an extremely small bird or something paranormal. Perhaps it was the sound of a ghost walking through a wall!

I remained mystified for a hour or so. Then I happened to open a cupboard in the room and found a plastic bag on its floor. I had placed the very same bag on a shelf earlier, before the 'ghostly wings' sound, and forgotten all about it. Experiments quickly revealed that the sound of the bag falling, and hitting the sides of the cupboard as it did so, were identical with the 'ghostly wings' I'd heard. But how had the bag fallen, in a closed cupboard with no draught? If you squeeze a bag into a ball, as I often do, and leave it alone, it will usually unfolds by itself. In doing so, it shifts its centre of gravity so that, if near the edge of a shelf, it can then topple down.

So, mystery solved! I have to admit I was really puzzled when I heard the sound. I thought I must have misjudged how close it was, given no obvious source nearby. I decided to search other places further afield as soon as convenient. But it turns out I was right about it being close, I just didn't think of searching the cupboard! I suppose my unconscious thought process at the time was "the cupboard is closed, so there can't be anything moving around in there". It is important to avoid such thinking and consider EVERY possibility before considering a paranormal explanation.

PS: I saw yet another famous person just the other day - it continues to happen. And, yes, it was at a railway station! For the relevance of this, see here and here.

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