Monday, 6 October 2014

A UFO appears precisely on cue!

UFOWatching the sky recently I noticed something very odd indeed. There were some low clouds moving quickly in the stiff breeze. But the higher clouds above them were moving, more sedately, in the opposite direction! I've never seen this before and hadn't realised it happened. It is relevant to anomalous phenomena for at least two good reasons. Firstly, it is counter-intuitive and so a bit of anomaly in itself. Secondly, I've heard people arguing that the UFO they saw could not have been a balloon because it was moving in a different direction to the clouds above it.

I was thinking about these points, while still watching the clouds, when something quite extraordinary happened - I saw a UFO! It was a small silver object moving quite rapidly across the sky. Careful examination revealed it to be a small balloon, like the one in the photo (right). It was moving in the same direction as the low level clouds. If there had been no low level clouds present, I would have observed the UFO moving in the opposite direction to all the clouds in the sky!

It was, in other words, a perfect illustration of the point I had been considering just before it appeared! For a rare theoretical phenomenon to be observed just when you first think of it must be incredibly rare. It is tempting to consider this incident anomalous in itself. There is, however, no reason to think it is anything other than an amazingly rare coincidence.

The phenomenon of winds moving in different directions depending on altitude is well-known. It is called wind shear. This particular example coincided with a cold front passing during my observation. So, it would appear that the argument that a particular UFO could not have been a balloon or sky lantern, because it is floating in a different direction to the clouds, is not valid. As to whether seeing something you have just been thinking about, playing out in front of you, is anomalous, I reserve judgement! Maybe if it happened again I'd start to think there was something truly strange going on.

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