Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dancing ghost!

Crows in a treeIt's the weirdest ghost I've ever seen! It was an obviously human figure dancing. But the bottom part of the figure was completely invisible! I can't recall ever hearing of a ghost dancing, partial or otherwise. The bizarre sight gave me an odd feeling that I can't describe.

I was in a theatre watching a concert. There were lots of people dancing but they all appeared to be fully present! I wouldn't have even noticed the partial figure had my view of the stage not been temporarily obstructed. I decided to look around the audience instead, which was when I noticed the ghost. I stared at it for quite a while but could think of no other obvious explanation other than that the figure was a ghost.

Gradually my eyes became accustomed to the dark and I realised that the bottom half of the figure was actually behind a sort of screen. I hadn't noticed the screen before. The person was, I think, dancing in as walkway that gave access to seating. From my viewpoint, the screen obscured the bottom half of anyone walking in that area. The peculiar effect could probably only be seen from a few seats.

Given that I had no idea of the presence of the screen and that, in the dark, I couldn't see it at first, seeing the person as a partial ghost was understandable. While the human figure reflected light from the stage well, the dull screen did not. The visual effect was so realistic as a ghost that, had it been in a movie, I would just have thought it was CGI.

I think two things come out of this incident. Firstly, when people report seeing partial ghostly figures, it is important to consider the lighting conditions and examine exactly where the figure was located and where it was seen from! Secondly, this is the third time (see here) I've seen something bizarre in a darkened theatre. Maybe these lighting conditions, which are conducive to misperception, may partly explain the long reported association between theatres and ghosts.

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