Friday, 24 October 2014

Door ghost turns nasty

ShadowRegular readers will be aware of my 'door ghost'. If not, see here for background. I have not been 'experimenting' with this surprisingly obliging ghost recently and it is exacting its revenge.

I have noted before that the door ghost usually only appears when I've temporarily forgotten about it. Recently the ghost has taken to appearing when it is very inconvenient. It seems to delight in appearing when I'm in a big hurry or distracted by a major problem. Unsurprisingly, the ghost's appearance in these circumstances just adds to my stress level.

I wonder if this annoying habit might contribute to the generally held view that ghosts are scary. If they tend to appear mostly at highly inconvenient times it is likely to increase the discomfort of their witnesses. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to test the hypothesis. Ghost sighting accounts seldom, if ever, include the state of mind of the witness just before the event. Personally, I think that state of mind could be important to generating the sighting itself, at least where it is one caused by misperception. I think questions about prior state of mind could be usefully included when interviewing ghost witnesses.

Ghosts have a marked tendency to appear when least expected, even on vigils where they often appear during the tea breaks. I now wonder if a raised stress level in the witness may further improve their chances of seeing a ghost. As to why stress should act in this way, I can only speculate. I suppose stress may deepen the level of non-expectation that appears to be a prerequisite to actually seeing a ghost.

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