Monday, 10 November 2014

Disappearing in plain sight

FoxAlways on the lookout for wildlife, I noted a reddish-brown object in the distance. Could it be a fox? I looked at it for a while and decided it was not. There is a lot of reddish-brown vegetation around this time of year. My mind drifted off onto something else.

But then I happened to look back, just in time to see the reddish-brown object stand up and walk away! It was a fox after all. Most misperceptions are of inanimate objects being taking for moving ones, like a tree stump being seen as a human figure. But sometimes it works the other way round. This time I saw an animal as a plant! I suppose expectation played a part with so many red and brown leaves around at the moment.

So is this relevant to anomaly reports? Yes, it is. A person, or animal, could be seen to 'appear' out of thin air when, in fact they were in plain sight (being misperceived as something else) all the time. Someone could also seem to disappear. The most likely scenario for this latter possibility is if a moving person was casually noticed by a witness, who then lost sight of them for a short period. The figure might then blend in with their background and so no longer be visible, despite still being in plain sight. I've had a few experiences of figures 'disappearing' in circumstances where it appeared impossible. There was one where a woman disappeared in plain sight, described here. It has parallels with the scenario I just outlined.

I also had another, more typical, anomalous sighting recently. Looking out of a window I became aware of a strange figure, dressed in blue, in my peripheral vision. Staring at it directly, the 'figure' turned out to be a large blue bag with a large white flower just behind and above it. The latter gave an impression of a face. Just for a second or so, while still in peripheral vision, I actually saw the 'figure' as a real person, albeit a startling one. Indeed, its bizarre appearance was what attracted my attention. I saw the same scene more recently but there was no 'figure' to be seen, even in peripheral vision. That's because, although the blue bag was still present, the flower had wilted, breaking the misperception.

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