Thursday, 4 December 2014

Explaining orbs

Diamond-shaped orbsMany paranormal researchers now accept that orbs are not paranormal. But this doesn't stop orbs being reported by members of the public all the time. To them, orbs are new and mysterious. Though we have a lot about orbs on this website, I felt there was a need for a new page that provided an introduction to the subject. It is aimed at people who have just seen their first orb and are curious about what's going on. In the past, when asked about orbs I've had to give links to several different pages, none of which is aimed at total beginners. Now, I can use just one link - here.

I've added a brand new photo illustrating the orb zone using screws (!). I've thought about producing such a photo for a long time but, as with so many things in life, never quite got round to it until it became urgent. The photo shows how orbs vary in brightness and size according to their position within the zone.

The photo (above right) shows some diamond-shaped orbs. Such non-circular orbs are one of the important indicators that orbs are a phenomenon caused by the camera itself rather than the object being photographed, such as a dust particle. That's because all orbs photographed by a particular camera are always the same shape. If orbs were a phenomenon external to the camera, this should not happen.


  1. Very interesting article. I have a photo of myself from 2 years ago which clearly depicts a purple-coloured orb that has a clearly defined hexagonal shape, which is by the side of my head on the photograph. At the time there was nothing in or by my hair and the orb only showed up upon looking at the photograph after it had been taken. What is your explanation for this?

    1. If you email the photo, as an attachment, to website< at > I'll have a look at it, if you like.