Monday, 1 December 2014

No UFO but green blob instead

Green lens flareI took the photo because it looked like a UFO. There was a bright light apparently floating low in the twilight sky. The photo (right) turned out to be a disappointment as far as UFOs were concerned. My supposed UFO is the small bright light on the left. In the photo you can clearly see it is a mounted artificial light on a post. The whole scene looked much darker to the naked eye and the post was invisible. The brighter light to the right is also mounted on a post, even though it isn't obvious from the photo.

When I examined the photo itself I noticed something I hadn't seen at the time - a bright green glowing blob in the bottom left. It's clearly an anomaly but what is it? The vital clue is the presence of the two bright light sources in the frame. The blob is lens flare. I don't know of any bright green glowing ghosts, outside fiction, but if they exist they might look like this. If anyone knows of any reports of green glowing ghosts I'd be very interested to hear from them.

Interestingly, the lens flare would definitely have been visible in the camera viewfinder when I took the shot but I don't recall seeing it at the time. I guess I was concentrating hard on the UFO. People often report seeing objects in photos that were not noticed at the time of exposure. I think this demonstrates that when you're concentrating on your subject, you can even miss bright green glowing blobs!

PS: In November we recorded 557228 hits on the website, making it one of only 4 months ever with over half a million. In fact, it was the second highest ever total, only exceeded by the previous month.

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