Friday, 2 January 2015

Night UFO

Night UFOThis UFO photo (right) was taken recently but it is not a sky lantern, even though they are often seen around New Year (see here). Though it's not easy to see in this small version of the picture, the UFO is elliptical. The countryside scene was actually much darker than it appears here. So what is this silent twilight UFO?

The first point to note is that the object is not really elliptical at all. In another photo, taken within a second of this one, the object looks circular. The reason the object looks elliptical in one frame is camera shake. The camera was hand-held with a shutter speed was 1/8s. In fact, the object is not circular either. The reason it looks circular is that it is out of focus, as is everything in the photo. The object is a light on an aircraft. It might actually be physically circular for all I know but it is certainly not as big as it appears here. These points are worth bearing in mind when examining photos showing UFOs that were not noticed at the time of exposure.

The area where the photo was taken is interesting because there are lots of aircraft flying at a relatively low altitude. However, they are not usually at a low enough altitude to be heard. So there are often silent planes to be seen, which show up as mysterious lights at night. No doubt the locals are used to this but visitors might be surprised to see all those moving silent lights in the night sky. There are several airfields in the vicinity and one large airport a little further away.

It would be entirely possible to take this sort of photo without noticing the aircraft at the the time of exposure. In such low light conditions autofocus struggles and long exposures are highly likely. So, it is not difficult at all to end up with a saucer-like shaped UFO like this one. For more xenonormal UFO photos see here.

PS: The ASSAP website recorded 5,264,418 hits in 2014, compared to 3,907,796 in 2013 and 4,459,343 in 2012.

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