Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Odd experiences on transport

Crows in a treeMy acquaintance (MA) with MWR (microsleep with REM) has noticed something interesting. A microsleep occurs when someone temporarily loses awareness for a few seconds. Many people experience this phenomenon occasionally. A tiny minority, usually those with a sleep disorder, go straight into a dream state. This MWR state can produce some experiences strongly resembling reported anomalous experiences. For instance, the experiencer might be suddenly (apparently) transported to a completely different place and situation. Or a single object, such as a human figure, may be 'added' to the real scene, like a hypnagogic experience. The latter could easily be reported as a ghost (see here, for an example).

MA experiences microsleep episodes without a dream state in addition to MWRs. Typical situations that produce microsleep for MA are reading quietly, watching TV or while riding form of transport, like a train. The majority of the MWR episodes occur on transport while most microsleep episodes WITHOUT an accompanying dream state occur when watching TV.

So what is it about riding transport that encourages microsleep to be accompanied by a dream state? It cannot be ambient sounds because TV appears to actually suppress MWR, for MA at least. It could possibly be the sensation of vibration produced by a moving vehicle. More examples are required to determine what is going on. It is, nevertheless, interesting that moving vehicles are associated so strongly with MWR, while TV watching seems to suppress it.

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