Thursday, 29 January 2015

Winter insect orbs

Insect orb in winterI often see anomalous photos where the anomaly appears, to me at least, to be caused by an insect. Obvious examples include certain orb photos, for instance. There is sometimes an objection put to this explanation that the photo was taken in winter when there are no insects flying.

Here in the UK I've seen insects flying outdoors throughout the year. Obviously, there are far fewer flying in winter but they are still there. I've even seen them swarming over lying snow. And this photo (right) demonstrates that insects do, indeed, fly in winter. It was taken a few days ago. The two orbs were caused by flying insects. The temperature was about 5 degrees Celsius. Though there was some sunshine there was also a cold wind. But apparently this didn't stop these insects getting out and showing up as orbs.

So it seems that the objection to insects in winter as a cause of orbs, and other photographic anomalies, does not necessarily apply after all.

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